Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Using YouTube Guide

We use You Tube to show a lot of our samples for wedding videos, photography, hair & make up and henna artists.

Samples are available online for private viewings only, visit our You Tube Play Lists and request access to the required play list.

For those of you new to You Tube we’ve put together a simple guide to help you view our samples on line.

Click here to visit our You Tube Play Lists page at http://uk.youtube.com/EquilibriumSolutions

First you will need to sign up as a user of You Tube, it just takes a few minutes. Click on the sign up link in the top right corner as indicated in the image above.

This will bring you to the new user sign up page like this:

Fill in your details and hit the create account button.

You will then receive an email click the confirmation link and you have your You Tube account all set up.

Then go back to our You Tube Play Lists page at http://uk.youtube.com/EquilibriumSolutions and click on the "Add as Friend" button at the bottom of the page. That lets us know that you wish to view our play lists.

Once we receive your friend request email we will grant you access to the full play lists. You will receive an email as we grant you permission to the samples.

Simply go back to our Play List page http://uk.youtube.com/EquilibriumSolutions and click Play All on any of the play lists available.

The videos will then start playing automatically.

They will be all listed in the menu on the right side, if you want to jump from one to another.

If you have any problems please do contact us.

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